Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Building Up A Resistance

Although I would love to be at school – there are a few advantages of being at home! One of them is that it is easier not to get caught up in worldly things, as I don’t talk to people who may be bad influences and I don’t see my friends as often.

However, I will be back to school one day soon and I want to be prepared! I am using my time at home to build up a deep relationship with God, and I am praying that he will show me lies from the truth. When I go back, I want to be able to resist temptations, even if everyone else around me are sinning!

Obviously, we can’t avoid people of this world, and we shouldn’t be unfriendly to them. Rather, we should ask God to keep us holy and show us how to resist the temptation to do what they are doing.

With God’s help, I am building up a resistance! I want to be prepared!

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  1. That's wonderful, Abbey! I am also thrilled to hear that you are thinking about going back to school one day soon - does this mean that your health is starting to improve?

    When you do return, remember that we are "in the world but not of the world" - we are ambassadors for Christ, representatives of His Heavenly Kingdom here on earth, and just as embassies in the world are actually a little bit of their native country in a foreign land, everywhere a believer's foot treads is holy ground!!

    You will not be interfacing with the fallen world in your own strength, but in the strength that He supplies, and you will be armed to the teeth with His armour as set out in Ephesians 6 which we need to put on daily!

    Praying for you, that your health will improve enough to be able to return to school soon, and that you will be a very powerful witness of Jesus when you do.

    Shoshi x