Tuesday, 8 June 2010

God Does Help Us In Times Of Need

Sorry that I haven't written for a while; I had a busy beginning of half-term then I was ill towards the end of it.

As I said, towards the end of half-term I had a cold. Usually I am ok-ish on the first day then have a terrible nights sleep which results in the cold worsening. Cold’s usually knock me back quite a bit, so I was really disappointed when I came down with one.

We really prayed that I would get a good nights sleep that night, and I did! Better still, I woke up at 5am that morning feeling wide awake, it was virtually impossible that I would get back to sleep. But nothing is impossible for God and after I prayed that I would get back to sleep, I did almost straight away!!!

The sneezing went away and God helped my body to fight the cold, and by yesterday I was completely better!

It isn’t always God’s will to heal us from viruses, but he is totally capable of doing so if he wants to! He does help us in times of need!

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