Wednesday, 23 June 2010

We Don't Need To Be Strong For God To Use Us

I recently read the story of Gideon in the bible and was encouraged by how he was the smallest and the weakest in his family but God still used him for his glory. Although I may be weak, God can still use me in little and big ways for his good.

God knows how much we are able to do, and would never ask us to do something that we are not able/not well enough to do. God told Gideon to go with the strength he had, and he would supply him with any more strength that he needed. Sure enough, Gideon defeated the Mideonites, which is what God asked him to do.

It is so encouraging to know that even people suffering with very severe disabilities can be used by God, and that he will help us to do the things that he asks us to do.


  1. How true, Abbey! In fact, God uses this pattern throughout His Word - He often chooses people who are weak or have something wrong with them (Moses said he was slow of speech, Jeremiah said he was too young, Paul had a thorn in his flesh... He also often chooses the youngest when the world would choose the oldest - look at David, who was young, and not handsome like his big brothers, and the family thought him of so little importance that they didn't even bother to get him along for the meeting with Samuel! Good thing God had other ideas... God always says His grace is sufficient!

    About a year ago I was having a bit of a pity party by myself and came to the conclusion I was wasting my life, not able to do anything etc. etc. We went out for a meal with a Christian group that night, and I met a lady there who didn't know me at all, and said what a witness I was, with my smile and the flowers on my wheelchair! I felt very humble and told her how I'd felt that day. She said "never think that. Just being yourself and showing the world how you are dealing with your disability, and the peace and joy in your face, speaks volumes!"

    So we don't even have to "do" anything to be of use to the Lord, and to bless others!

    However ill and disabled we are, we can still pray, too! And we can still worship Him!

    I love your blog. It is so encouraging.

  2. I love this story, Eloise and I were teaching the little group in sunday school that story last time, 'little guys can do big things too!' they really loved it and we watched the david and goliath episode of veggie tales as that is a similar story. Anyway I love everything you are writing on here, it is very encouraging for me too! and I'm so glad that through God you are not only getting better, but stronger and closer to him in faith! :) Issy A x