Friday, 21 May 2010

God is Sovereign

Mum and I are listening to an old Roger Price series on tape (yes, tape!) about the characters of God, and today we listened to “God is Sovereign”. We learnt that whatever God does, whether we like it or not, it is the right thing and we shouldn’t question him. After all, he is God!

This really spoke to me. I have given my illness over to God, and now I need to trust in him. Whether he wants me to get better or worse, it is his will and I need to learn to remember that he is God, and who am I to question what he does! Of course I want to be healed, of course I want to wake up tomorrow completely better. But that may not be God’s will.

In Psalm 115 v 3 it says, “Our God is in the heavens, and he does what he wishes.” God can do whatever he wants, he has complete sovereignty over everything. But he always acts out of love, he cannot do anything that isn’t of love.

It is going to take time to be able trust God completely, but I am going to keep asking him to be in control of my life everyday. It’s a journey of faith.


  1. Ooh Abbey - I've got nearly all Roger Price's tapes - yes, tapes!!! A friend got me started on them years ago and they have been to me as I have grown in the Faith. He was such a sound teacher! There is so much rubbish going on in the Church today, and it's refreshing to find someone (especially someone so young) who listens to Roger, who died so long ago now.

    I am also very happy to read that your Mum is a Christian too. That must be so lovely for you both, and her faith must sustain her greatly as she witnesses the suffering of her daughter, and knowing there's nothing she can do to stop it - but just to trust in the Lord and pray for you.

    The few posts of yours that I have read so far have encouraged me no end. You have such a strong faith - I wish everyone with M.E. could read what you write, and learn that the only peace we can find is in Jesus!

    God bless you.

  2. I totally get what you mean Abbey about trusting God. I remember I was questioning Him about why I am ill and I was reading the Bible and a bit really spoke to me - it was basically about how I need to trust God. Of course, it can be hard to do as I want to get well now and only see things from my point of view rather than God's lol but I do need to trust Him *I must remember that* x