Sunday, 25 July 2010

Changing The Way We Think

Today God spoke to me through an episode of “Enjoying Everyday Life” by Joyce Meyer. It was all about changing the way we think. It’s encouraging to know that we don’t have to think the thoughts that come into our head! For example, if we start to get thoughts about how awful life is with M.E - we can dwell on those thoughts and become upset. Or, we can diminish the thoughts and give them to God. We can change the way we think.

Our mood can change dramatically by the things that we are thinking. We can make ourselves happy by thinking encourage thoughts, and we can make ourselves sad by thinking discouraging thoughts. If we make the decision to change the way we think, we can improve our mood and attitude dramatically! Our mind is constantly in battle, but I have made the decision today to control the things that I am thinking and let God take away my discouraging thoughts.


  1. Abbey, this is soooo true! Everything starts with our thoughts - whether we sin, whether we praise, whether we bless... and it's a great myth that we can't control our thought life! It's all about choices.

    When we live with a chronic condition it is very important that we choose to be positive, and to thank God for all the blessings in our lives.

    Thank you for the lovely comments on my blog! If you hop over there again and look for the Gorilla post, you can read something really funny, and really true, about living with disability!!!

    Hugs and blessings for you today, and I hope you are as well as possible.


  2. this is so so true. great post!