Tuesday, 4 May 2010

About Me

My name is Abbey and I am nearly 13. I have had ME for 4 years, more severely for the past year. I have had my up's and down's and I am sure that there are more to come, but through it all I can be certain that Jesus is with me, holding my hand all the way.

When a friend suggested that I keep a blog about the things that God is teaching me, I thought it was a brilliant idea! God has taught me so many things during my illness, especially in the past year. I hope that by writing about the things I learn it will encourage other people going through similar situations.

I first became ill with M.E when I was about 9, but it has been gradual onset for me so at first I was virtually healthy. I slowly got worse and was diagnosed with the illness when I was 10. I remained between 70-90% in the ME Functional ability scale (here) until September 2008, when I started Secondary School full time. This was obviously too much for me, and although I managed a term at school, I soon had a big relapse and was down to 25% on the ability scale by the following June. I was housebound, unable to sit up at the table for meals, and wasn’t well enough to see anyone. But it was during this time that my relationship with God increased dramatically.

Although health is important, and I long for the day when I will be well again, having a close relationship with God is much more important. I know that the things I have learnt whilst being at home will help me later on in life.

It is now almost a year later, and I am up to 45% on the ability scale. It may not seem like a lot for people who don’t suffer with ME, but the recovery from this illness is a VERY slow process, and for me it’s a big difference. I still have a long way to go, but I take every step knowing that God is right beside me, leading the way. That’s the silver lining in the cloud of ME.


For more information on M.E, please visit www.ayme.org.uk


  1. Lizzie GraysonMay 05, 2010 8:39 am

    Hi Abbey,

    Just read your first entry. It's fantastic! Well done ! Looking forward to reading more.
    Love Lizzie xxxxx

  2. Wow, I came across your blog and I am so impressed by your faith. It's really inspiring to see that you are taking this opportunity to become closer to God. You and all affected with M.E. will be in my prayers! God bless you!