Thursday, 13 May 2010

My Days At Home Aren’t Wasted

God gave me a reassurance today that my days at home are not wasted. I am learning and growing in my faith, and having that faith will come in very handy when I am older!!!

I can’t see people very much, but God still provides ways that I can witness to other people, by msn or the internet. (To be honest its a lot easier witnessing over the internet that in person!!!)

So although sometimes I may feel like I am not doing much, what I am learning now will help and guide me later in life!

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  1. Lizzie GraysonMay 27, 2010 12:15 am

    That is so true Abbey. I used to think my days were wasted when I was stuck at home in bed with M.E in my early 20's. However, keep pressing into God as you are doing and you will have such a special intimacy with Jesus that when you are healed and older, you will know that real gold came out of your time. Hindsight brings with it lots of benefits that you can't see when you are in the moment! There is real power in confessing the word out loud, it will give you daily strength. One of my favourite scriptures used to be Psalm 103 - Forget not ALL his benefits, that includes forgiveness and healing. I am so proud of you xxxxxxx